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Regain Your Smile With Our Same-Day Crowns

You are experiencing a severe toothache because of a damaged tooth. I understand that you’re terrified about the pain and the possibility of developing further oral issues.
Imagine obtaining a dental crown on the same day that looks and feels exactly like your real teeth. There’s no need to miss work or school since the whole procedure takes less than an hour.
The procedure is completely painless since our dentists use advanced technology to take an impression of your teeth. When you speak or smile, your new custom-made dental crown will fit properly and feel absolutely natural. A same-day dental crown is the perfect solution for your impacted tooth!
At South Lake Smiles, our dental team can provide a same-day dental crown that is customised for you. You won’t have to wait weeks or months for an appointment since we can make custom-made crowns right here in the office.

What Are The Advantages Of A Same-Day Dental Crown

A dental crown is a protective covering that fits over your teeth. It’s formed like your natural tooth and restores the function and strength of your natural teeth.

Here are the advantages of a same-day dental crown.

1.) It Looks Like Natural Teeth

The innovative process of creating same-day crowns produces a natural-looking dental crown. Even the tiniest cracks and shape changes in teeth may be captured using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) or CAM technology. Instead of using a mould to make your teeth’s impression, a computerised system is used to ensure a more secure fit as well as a more authentic look and feel.

2.) It is A Fast Procedure

Traditional crowns take a few weeks to make, so you’ll need to schedule another appointment with your dentist to have them installed. Same-day dental crowns enable you to leave the dentist’s office with a permanent crown after only one visit.

3.) It is A Budget-Friendly Option.

Despite the fact that conventional and same-day crowns are the same price, same-day crowns are less costly in the long term. With same-day crowns, you don’t have to pay for the temporary crown and additional dental visits. Moreover, same-day crowns usually last longer than traditional crowns.

4.) It is Comfortable To Wear

Same-day crowns usually have a better fit since a computer-aided design is used to take the impression of your teeth. Furthermore, same-day crowns do not require the use of temporary crowns prior to the permanent crown installation. Temporary crown placement and removal may be an uncomfortable procedure that might increase tooth sensitivity.

5.) It is Non-Invasive

Unlike other dental restorations that may need minor procedures before completion, Same-Day Crowns are significantly simpler and faster. Also, our dental clinic uses a non-invasive approach to make sure that we preserve your natural tooth structure as much as possible.

6.) It is Long-lasting

A CEREC crown may last up to fifteen years. You must maintain appropriate dental hygiene to make it more long-lasting. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day are recommended. We also suggest that you use a fluoride mouthwash to aid in the prevention of plaque buildup.

Why Choose South Lake Smiles for Same Day Crowns

If you are looking for affordable same-day dental crowns in North Lake, visit our dental clinic. At South Lake Smiles, you don’t have to worry about your hectic schedule. In just one session, our dentists can prepare your teeth, take digital impressions, design your custom dental crown, and securely fit it onto your teeth before sending you home. In just a few hours, you will have a healthy and beautiful smile!

South Lake Smiles is always open for patients who need immediate dental services. Our mission is to maintain your oral health and give you a perfect smile.

Our dental team is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality dental treatment at an accessible price in a welcoming atmosphere where each patient is treated as a part of the family. If you want to book an appointment, just call us at (08) 6495 4004.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

To achieve successful treatment, most tooth restorations require healthy gums. If you have the following qualities, you may need a same-day dental crown:

  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Crooked or deformed teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • A root canal treated tooth or a dental implant requires a cover or cap.
  • A tooth that has undergone extensive dental treatment and can no longer support a filling.

To get your new crown, you only need to visit our dental clinic once. Here are the steps for a same-day dental crown.

Get your teeth ready. The initial stage of the procedure is to prepare the tooth. The tooth’s decaying parts are removed, and the tooth is contoured to match the crown.

Making an impression. CEREC crowns are made on the same day using digital impressions obtained by dentists. Dentists use a tiny camera to create three-dimensional photographs of the teeth.

Creating the crown. The exact dimensions and information from the digital photos are sent to the equipment that will actually construct the crown. We will use CAD/CAM software to build and create your crown model. This procedure will just take a few minutes. In the offices of dentists who perform same-day CEREC crown treatments, milling equipment is accessible. Ceramic blocks are used to create dental crowns using these devices. On average, milling takes roughly 15 minutes. The milling process is both speedy and accurate.

Placement of the crown. The crown will be polished by the dentist. It is compared to the existing teeth to ensure that the crown suits them. After that, the dentist checks the fit and secures the crown. Aftercare instructions are given by the dentist to the patient.

Same-day crowns are made of robust and durable dental porcelain that may endure for over a decade (ten to fifteen years) if cared for properly. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential for tooth replacement and overall oral health.

After getting your same-day crown, you may resume your usual diet. However, you must avoid hot or cold foods and drinks because the discomfort and sensitivity might persist. Teeth that are already sensitive might be irritated by extreme temperatures. For the first twenty-four hours, stay away from sticky or hard foods.

Even though your crown is “artificial,” the tooth underneath it must be cared for on a regular basis to be healthy and strong. Even though the crown covers the whole tooth surface, it is still vital to brush the crown thoroughly to remove the sticky plaque layer. You may ask your dentist how to maintain your dental health.

The cost of same-day crowns is determined by the materials used to make the crown and the dental office’s location. During your consultation, our dental clinic will discuss with you the complete process, payment choices, and the treatment’s projected average cost.

In addition to same-day dental crowns, there are several alternatives. Your choice will depend on your lifestyle and dental condition. Our approachable dentists will assist you in deciding which treatment plan will work best for you.

Here are examples of same-day dental crown alternatives.

  • Traditional dental crowns
  • Inlays or onlays
  • Extraction of teeth
  • Dental veneers
  • In-office laboratory indirect resin crowns

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