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To extend access to affordable dental care across Australia, South Lake Smiles has teamed up with As Australia’s rapidly expanding dental cover, boasts over 2,500 dentists nationwide and a membership exceeding one million.

Through, patients benefit from reduced fees on all dental procedures. Notably, operates differently from traditional health insurance providers. There are no benefit limits, preexisting condition exclusions, waiting periods, rebate claims, or complexities involved.

For an annual membership fee of $79, members enjoy discounts ranging from 15% to 40% on all dental services at South Lake Smiles.

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When you become a member of, you’ll benefit from lower fees for dental treatments! Your dental expenses at South Lake Smiles will be discounted by 15% to 40%. Joining is a simple, quick, and convenient process.

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Dental Coverage on

Dental Coverage on offers coverage for individuals, couples, sole parents, and families.

Take the first steps toward your

perfect smile today!

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